Combat Fusion Provides American Kenpo Karate Classes Incorporating Russian Systema Training Methods In Exeter, Devon

Our Focus

Change this subtitle in Our focus sectionAt Combat Fusion we don't just teach you how to through a good kick or punch. We teach our martial arts classes with four main focuses in mind. While learning Kenpo Karate with Systema, you can be reassured, that we will be focusing to provide the following:

Create Self Confidence

We encourage students to believe in their own abilities, reach their limitations and push beyond them. Helping students believe in themselves will ultimately strengthen their resolve to try new things, reach for new heights and not fear the unusual or the uncomfortable. We aim to mold student’s individuality, we do not create clones. For the instructor to witness the growth of the unsure or shy student into those of upstanding confidence and ability is the ultimate gift instructorship provides.

Encourage Creativity

Kenpo is a logical and scientifically based martial art giving sound explanations of the concepts, principals and theories on which our art is built. This in itself helps to create a base line of knowledge which works as a foundation for the creativity of the individual student. They say “knowledge is power”, but knowledge without creativity is stifling. So although we teach a structured syllabus we strongly encourage students to play with this knowledge, experimenting with techniques to find new and unique methods of execution.

Children’s Martial Arts

We set out to encourage children to develop a strong sense of independence and self confidence, to try new things and challenge themselves in new ways. Our children’s syllabus although reduced in quantity does not detract from the core teaching of Kenpo. Our children’s syllabus is designed to allow a seam less transition to the adult syllabus as a child grows with their martial art. We also believe in the instilling of a sense of respect, respect for others, respect for their instructors, respect for their fellow students and most importantly of all respect for themselves.

Practical Martial Arts

Although like most martial arts our roots stretch back to ancient China or Japan, we have not remained in the traditional mindset. This means our fighting system is not only effective, but it is effective for today’s streets. We teach a program of practical martial arts that equates to self protection for our ever changing social challenges, one that is not only adaptable, but also progressive. We make the art we teach fit the student, their needs and abilities and provide effective self protection.

About Combat Fusion

American Kenpo Karate + Russian Systema = Combat Fusion
Respect Friendship Trust Practical Martial Arts

Initially called "Flaming Fist Kenpo", our training group later adopted the name “Combat Fusion” to illustrate the incoporation of Systema and the “fusing” of these two exceptional fighting systems, namely Kenpo Karate and Russian Systema.

Our club's history is rooted in American Kenpo Karate, which can be traced back to the founder of this art Senior Grandmaster Edmund. K. Parker (Ed Parker). Having studied various martial arts, and knowing how powerful and logical Kenpo was, our Senior Professor Andy then came across Systema which he deemed as an equally practical and powerful martial art.

Andy soon realised how Systema could unlock the freedom of Kenpo and make the teachings of Kenpo even more effective. Five years later Andy started using Systema to support Kenpo Karate and Combat Fusion was born.

  • Respect requires no age, race or religion.

  • Create strong, long lasting friendships.

  • Trust in your partners, instructors, and martial art.

  • We teach practical, proven and effective martial arts.

Combat Fusion Instructors

Combat Fusion has a hard working and dedicated team of instructors. Our instructors all have years of experience in martial arts with some even holding World Championship titles. All of our instructors and many of our students have cross trained in Russian Systema, as well as other weapon and open hand martial arts. By choosing to train with us, you can be assured that our instructors have a wealth of expertise and experience, which they are ready to share and pass on to the next generation of potential masters (this could be you). What are you waiting for? Our instructors are waiting to provide you with a warm welcome!

Andy Seatherton

Senior Professor
Andy commenced his martial arts career in 1972, and currently holds a 7th Dan in American Kenpo Karate giving him the title of Senior Professor. Andy also has his first level of instructorship in Systema (a no belt martial art). See the Instructors page for more about Andy Seatherton

Graeme Smith

Head Instructor
Graeme began training in martial arts in 1980, while most recently attaining his 4th Dan in 2013 and making him a Head Instructor. Graeme’s proudest moment in his Kenpo Career was watching his daughter and two sons achieve their Black Belts. The Instructors page has more on Mr Smith

Amy Morton

Associate Instructor
Amy started training when she was 9 under Senior Professor Andy Seatherton. Amy achieved 2nd Dan in 2013, becoming an Associate Instructor. As an under 18, Amy won 3 medals at the World Kenpo Karate Championships. See the Instructors page for more about Amy Morton

Martial Arts Blog

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