24th April 2015

Video Gallery

Our Combat Fusion video gallery is made up of footage taken during our American Kenpo Karate and Russian Systema classes in Exeter, Devon, as well as from seminars and events we regularly attend. We hope you enjoy our martial art videos and look forward to meeting and training with you!

We love to hear from like-minded people, so if you have something to say, would like more information about Combat Fusion, Kenpo Karate, Russian Systema or our classes in Exeter, Devon, then please feel free to Get in Touch.

Framing and the Psychological State of Engagement
The third video clip from a 2018 visit to Designed Defense American Kenpo Karate studio...
Using the Anchor Principal and Centre Mass
More of the 2018 visit to Rhode Island and Designed Defense American Kenpo Karate studio.
Grafting extensions with Lone Kimono
A visit in 2018 to teach at Designed Defense American Kenpo Karate studio in Rhode...
Kenpo International Training Camp Portugal 2019
Master Seatherton teaching at the 2019 Kenpo International Training Camp held in Lisbon, Portugal.
American Kenpo Staff Assisted Vault
This Info P.O.D. we look at a single aspect of the American Kenpo Staff Set....
Specialised Foot Manoeuvers
This Info P.O.D. takes a look at three of the lesser taught foot manoeuvers from...