Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo Dublin 2016

Master John Ward of IKKA Kenpo International and Ward Kenpo Schools International, his student’s and colleges, organised a visit to Dublin from the first female Kenpo Karate 10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo. Having been a student of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker,  it was not surprising to find Grandmaster DiRienzo had that same infectious Read more about Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo Dublin 2016[…]

Kenpo Technique Structure

When we talk about Kenpo Technique Structure you will have no doubt heard your instructor refer to, “the base technique”. This is a reference to a Kenpo technique structure learning point of origin where specific principles & concepts are contained. A technique is merely a collection of basic moves acting together as a vehicle allowing Read more about Kenpo Technique Structure[…]