Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo Dublin 2016

Master John Ward of IKKA Kenpo International and Ward Kenpo Schools International, his student’s and colleges, organised a visit to Dublin from the first female Kenpo Karate 10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo. Having been a student of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker,  it was not surprising to find Grandmaster DiRienzo had that same infectious Read more about Grandmaster Doreen DiRienzo Dublin 2016[…]

The Three Stages of Learning

When we learn a new skill whether that be an American Kenpo based skill or just one from our everyday living we need to process the components required to become successful in using the skill. This will follow a set pattern of learning, in American Kenpo we term this as using “The Three Stages of Read more about The Three Stages of Learning[…]

Kenpo Technique Structure

When we talk about Kenpo Technique Structure you will have no doubt heard your instructor refer to, “the base technique”. This is a reference to a Kenpo technique structure learning point of origin where specific principles & concepts are contained. A technique is merely a collection of basic moves acting together as a vehicle allowing Read more about Kenpo Technique Structure[…]